Terrorists of Irustan

Terrorists of Irustan

Marley, Louise

Language: English

Publisher: Demco Media

Published: Oct 15, 2000

Words: 121233
Pages: 444


Zahra IbSada is a talented mendicant on the planet of Irustan. In a nation where women's rights are drastically restricted, her job allows her to see much joy -- and pain -- in the lives of the women she heals. A wife is brutally beaten. A prostitute suffers at the hands of her employers. And her best friend Kalen struggles to save her daughter from a cruel marriage. She begs Zahra for help. Although Karen's plan goes against her mendicant vows, Zahra reluctantly agrees. But this silent act of terrorism will have far-reaching consequences -- for herself, and for all the women of her planet...