Say Cheese - and Die Screaming

Say Cheese - and Die Screaming

Stine, R. L.

Book 8.0 of Goosebumps Horrorland First Arc

Language: English

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: Jan 2, 1992

Words: 20170
Pages: 75


GONE in a FLASH! A picture is worth a thousand screams-if it's taken with an evil camera that has a nasty vision of the future. Julie's future doesn't look pretty. And neither does anyone else's after they're caught in her lens! Things start looking up when Julie gets to HorrorLand. That is, until she starts falling down...into the Tunnel of Screams.Someone--or something--is inviting ordinary kids to HorrorLand and trapping them there. But they're not the only guests of the terrifying theme park. Slappy the Dummy, Monster Blood, and other vile villains have joined the terror trip, too.