Renegades of Time

Renegades of Time

Jones, Raymond F.

Language: English

Publisher: Orion

Published: Sep 4, 2014

Words: 48703
Pages: 183


The Algorans. masters of time travel, had lost control of the time channels. In despair, they stood helplessly by as the barbarian hordes of the devastating Bakori were unleashed on the universe. In the little town of Midland, U.S.A., Joe Simmons worked feverishly to assemble the only device that had a chance to stop them. He knew that success depended on a beautiful Algoran woman, Tamarina, yet he didn’t even know if she would re-appear! This whole disaster was his fault. Raymond F. Jones was an American science fiction author. Between 1951 and 1978, he published sixteen novels and dozens of stories. He is best known for his 1952 novel, THIS ISLAND EARTH, which was adapted into a critically acclaimed 1955 film. ** ### About the Author Jenna Kernan writes romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue, Western Historical fiction and paranormal romance. Winner of the Book Buyers' Best award and two-time Rita nominee, Jenna has published over twenty romance novels. Her APACHE PROTECTOR series released in 2015 with SHADOW WOLF (#1), HUNTER MOON (#2), TRIBAL LAW (#3) and NATIVE BORN (#4). Look for more Apache Protectors in 2017 when Tribal Thunder releases. Follow Jenna on facebook/AuthorJennaKernan or at