The Tenth Commandment

The Tenth Commandment

Sanders, Lawrence

Book 2.0 of Commandment series

Language: English

Publisher: Berkley

Published: Jan 1, 1960

Words: 136007
Pages: 503


In this installment of Lawrence Sanders’s acclaimed Commandment series, a law firm investigator goes up against a cunning adversary who uses religion for retribution

Joshua Bigg, an investigator for a Manhattan law firm, usually spends his days tracking down witnesses and verifying clients’ alibis. Ironically, Bigg is quite short, and uses his boyish looks to coax information from his targets. The newly promoted agent gets the chance to show his mettle when he probes the disappearance of one client and the suspicious suicide of another.   Professor Yale Stonehouse left his apartment one night, without saying anything to his wife, and never returned. Sol Kipper plunged to his death from the top floor of his Upper East Side townhouse. With little to go on, Bigg enlists the help of a cop, and uncovers a shocking connection between the two cases: a corrupt clergyman who preys on the lonely and bereaved. Desperate to stop the stone-cold killer who uses religion to mete out his own brand of justice, Bigg has to prove that no one is above God—or the law.