Jaggy Splinters

Jaggy Splinters

Chris Brookmyre

Language: English

Publisher: Abacus

Published: Jun 7, 2012

Words: 27358
Pages: 118


Everyone's favourite unorthodox journalist, Jack Parlabane, goes undercover to investigate the mysterious and lucrative world of alternative medicine: in particular the practice of homeopathy. Are there unexplained forces that can be harnessed to heal us, or is it all a load of sugar? Meanwhile a sinister tale of restorative justice and the occult takes an even darker turn; two body-snatchers find more than they bargained for when raiding a morgue; and a contract killer finds that fatherhood has sent him on the straight and narrow . . . sort of. Fast paced and wickedly entertaining, *Jaggy Splinters *is a dark, twisted and hilarious collection of short stories from bestselling author Chris Brookmyre. **