Kingdom of Cages

Kingdom of Cages

Zettel, Sarah

Language: English

Publisher: Aspect

Published: Jun 1, 2002

Words: 172267
Pages: 742


SUMMARY: Humanity has spread among the stars, colonizing new worlds. Now the species is in danger of extinction from the interrelated disasters of virulent new diseases and collapsing ecosystems. Of all the colony worlds, only Pandora is unaffected, and the Pandorans are fanatically determined to preserve both their health and the pristine ecosystem, which they keep off-limits even to themselves. But the colonies have vowed to destroy Pandora if its biogenetics experts don't find a cure for the "diversity crisis." The Pandorans struggle without hope until they discover something in the Trust family genes that might save the devastated colonies. And two innocent girls, Chena and Teal Trust, find themselves fugitives in the narrow, closed settlements of Pandora, pursued by desperate scientists and criminals who will do anything, even commit murder, to gain control of the girls' genes. In addition to Kingdom of Cages, Sarah Zettel is the author of Reclamation, which tied for winner of the 1997 Locus Award for Best First Novel and was a Philip K. Dick Award finalist in 1996; Fool's War, a New York Times Notable Book of 1997; Playing God; and The Quiet Invasion. --Cynthia Ward