A Five-Year Plan

A Five-Year Plan

Kerr, Philip

Book 1.0 of Five

Language: English

Publisher: Pocket

Published: Oct 2, 1997

Words: 100674
Pages: 441


Dave Delano didn't spend five years in a Florida prison idling away hard time. "I believe in the redistribution of wealth, " he told one of his guards. But redistribution for Dave was a strictly personal matter. His five-year plan aimed to put millions into his own pockets. In the former Soviet Union there are a million scams. Most lucrative is money laundering. Refitting U.S. yachts to hide dirty dollars and transshipping them across the Atlantic on huge transport ferries destined for the Europoean playground of the international rich, the mob magically "disappears" the cash, moving it through Black Sea ports and into Russian banks. Dave Delano thinks some of that money should be his. It's a simple matter of hijacking one of those yacht ferries on the high seas. For the Columbian cartel, Europe is a magnet. But landing their cocaine is another matter. When FBI agent Kate Fury gets a hot tip they are shipping it in a hollowed-out yacht hull via transport ferry, she know's she's onto the biggest collar of her career. Boarding that ferry, she's set to pounce. But she hasn't counted on Dave Delano, who has his own personal agenda. The result is pure combustion: a fast and funny caper novel full of hidden identities, misunderstood motives, and major mayhem to keep listeners guessing right to the end.