Ellie Quin Episode 5: A Girl Reborn

Ellie Quin Episode 5: A Girl Reborn

Scarrow, Alex

Language: English

Published: Nov 2, 2015

Words: 47422
Pages: 181


Ellie Quin and Jez have been marooned on WonderLand - a series of domed mini-worlds in which anything and any creature you can imagine can be made; a luxury resort for the universe's rich and famous. Only, it never got a chance to open and now it's kept ticking over by a pair of eccentric technicians.
But all is not as it appears here. Something dark and sinister happened in the past and Ellie has accidentally stumbled across it...and stirred up a hornet's nest.
Meanwhile, The Administration's search for Ellie intensifies. The entire system is quarantined and the noose is tightening as Deacon finally gets the manpower he's requested.
And then there's Mason....getting ever closer to recovering his 'Frankenstein' creation...Ellie.