Terminal Phase

Terminal Phase

Hooke, Isaac

Book 3.0 of Ethan Galaal

Language: English

Published: Dec 27, 2015

Words: 264350
Pages: 1008


**Target: Al Sifr. Profile: Terrorist mastermind. Mission Objective: Terminate with extreme prejudice.** Ethan is paired with the beautiful yet troubled Bretta Storm in his latest operation - the pursuit of the elusive terrorist financier and mastermind, Al Sifr. The target baits them into a deadly game of cat and mouse that leads the duo through the slums of Romania, the vineyards of France, and the nightclubs of Hong Kong. But the deceptive Al Sifr always proves one step ahead, his trail mired in booby traps and red herrings. Can the undercover operatives eliminate Al Sifr before he launches a devastating attack decades in the making, or will the pair forfeit everything - including their lives - in a final desperate attempt to stop him?