Ethan Galaal Series: Books 1-3

Ethan Galaal Series: Books 1-3

Hooke, Isaac

Language: English

Publisher: Isaac Hooke

Published: Jul 11, 2016

Words: 264350
Pages: 968


This three-book bundle contains over a thousand pages of heart-pounding action. Readers have described Ethan Galaal as "on par with Mitch Rapp, Scott Harvath, and Jack Reacher." Download the bundle today and discover firsthand what it feels like to be an undercover operative in the 21st century. CLANDESTINE (Book 1)Officially, Ethan Galaal doesn't exist. Very few people can do what he does and do it well. Maybe a handful in the entire world. As the DIA's most valuable undercover operative, his missions span multiple roles that blur the lines between case officer, private investigator, kidnapper and assassin. But his specialty is that frothing cesspit of war and tyranny known as the Middle East. He has been sent to gather intel on the latest threat in the region: the Islamic State. Posing as a Saudi Arabian jihadist, he gains entry into the brutal regime, but it takes all his cunning and mental fortitude to survive. One mistake, one slip of the tongue, and he knows he is as good as dead.As he descends deeper into the morally reprehensible heart of the Islamic State, surrounded by enemies and unable to leave, Ethan wonders if the operation was a mistake. When he meets the beautiful yet mysterious Alzena, the repressed neighbor of one of his targets, Ethan must decide if he will risk everything to get her out. And he thought the mission was difficult before...A COLD DAY IN MOSUL (Book 2)"Bravo. At last, a truly great spy thriller set in the Islamic State era. A breathtaking, nuanced and can't-put-it-down novel." ( Rond, head of an ultra-secretive branch of the DIA's Defense Clandestine Service in the Middle East, has gone missing during a key operation. Her last known location: the occupied city of Mosul, the war-ravaged heart of the Islamic State in Iraq. With her are highly classified secrets that could bring about the collapse of major intelligence-gathering networks throughout the region.Ethan Galaal and his elite team of undercover operatives are dispatched to rescue Samantha. Their years of experience operating incognito in the region make them the ideal candidates for the rescue mission.But first they have to find Sam. Setbacks exist at every turn. Unsure of whom to trust, Ethan soon begins to suspect that a rogue non-state actor has been advising the Islamic State in Mosul.Will he find her before the interrogators extract everything of value and destroy Sam's mind? Or will elements of the rogue faction hunt down Ethan and his team first, bringing the rescue mission to a spectacularly premature end?TERMINAL PHASE (Book 3)Target: Al Sifr.Profile: Terrorist mastermind. Mission Objective: Terminate with extreme prejudice.Ethan is paired with the beautiful yet troubled Bretta Storm in his latest operation - the pursuit of the elusive terrorist financier and mastermind, Al Sifr. The target baits them into a deadly game of cat and mouse that leads the duo through the slums of Romania, the vineyards of France, and the nightclubs of Hong Kong. But the deceptive Al Sifr always proves one step ahead, his trail mired in booby traps and red herrings. Can the undercover operatives eliminate Al Sifr before he launches a devastating attack decades in the making, or will the pair forfeit everything - including their lives - in a final desperate attempt to stop him?