Stirling, S. M.

Book 6.0 of Babylon 5

Language: English

Publisher: Dell

Published: Jan 15, 1996

Words: 83775
Pages: 320


The Narn have been greatly wronged by the Centauri.  During the domination of their world by that sophisticated and ruthless people, the Narn were slaves in all but name; forced to watch as their world was stripped of everything of value.  And when at last they succeeded in driving the hated dictators from Narn space, they were left with little but their freedom. They hate the Centauri, but have learned from them.  The Narn sought out other worlds, rich with resources to supply their beggared home-world.  They found them.  And when those worlds had native populations, the Narn conquered them, enslaved them, and exploited them as ruthlessly as ever the Centauri at their worst might have.  Now, the Centauri have struck again at the Narn and the two powers are embroiled in battle.  It is a time when an enslaved people might see an opportunity to strike at their enemy; perhaps win their freedom.  But in every conflict there comes a lull, a time when exhaustion temporarily causes even the bitterest opponents to call a truce, to rest and recoup, a time when allies try to make peace between the combatants, a time when reluctant rebels might hope for a peaceful solution before they drench their own hands in blood. Babylon 5 will host a conference between the Narn and the Centauri.  Nobody really expects peace and everyone is determined to remain uninvolved in the conflict, but everyone feels forced to go through the motions.