Mermaid Curse: The Black Pearl

Mermaid Curse: The Black Pearl

Louise Cooper

Book 2.0 of Mermaid Curse

Language: English

Publisher: Puffin

Published: Feb 1, 2008

Words: 24553
Pages: 101


Since her family moved to Cornwall, Lizzy's world has been turned upside down by the discovery that she has a long-lost brother, Kes, and even more amazingly that their mother is a mermaid. Now Lizzy and her new family must bravely battle the evil sea queen and her terrfying servant, for Lizzy has a powerful treasure and the sea queen will stop at *nothing* to get it. Exciting and full of dark mystery and suspense, ideal for girls of 8–10 who love stories with an edge. ** ### About the Author Louise Cooper was born in Hertfordshire in 1952. She spent most of her school years writing stories when she should have been concentrating on lessons, and her first fantasy novel, The Book of Paradox, was published in 1973, when she was just twenty years old. Since then she has published more than sixty books for adults and children, including the bestselling Sea Horses quartet. Louise now lives in Cornwall with her husband, Cas Sandall. When she isn't writing she enjoys singing, playing various instruments, cooking, gardening and is treasurer of her local Royal National Lifeboat Institution.