Assault on Khorram

Assault on Khorram

Thomas, Michael G.

Book 2.0 of Star Legions aka Black Legion

language: English

Publisher: Swordworks

Publishing date: Mar 6, 2012

Words: 78031
Pages: 333


**Assault on Khorram** is the second** Black Legion** novel in the epic science fiction series **Empires of Terra**, that tells the thrilling tale of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand Mercenaries. The Black Legion has won its first battle and is ready for greatness and the rewards it brings. Burning with rage from the losses at Cilicia the Legion want payment, and Cyrus has a target that should satisfy even the most avaricious of his warriors. Hundreds of ships and thousands of mercenaries start their epic journey through the deadly Su'bartu Maelstrom that will take them to the heart of the Median Empire. Few ships have ever made the journey but this is no mere fleet of traders. The battle hardened mercenaries of the Legion are interested in just one thing, loot, and they intend on finding it no matter where they have to go or who they have to kill. Xenophon and his friends face even greater danger when the divisions in the fleet are brought to the surface. Xenophon and Glaucon are forced to choose, but where do their loyalties now lie? To the Arcadian Titan they now live aboard or to the Legion and its desire for blood and spoils that knows no bounds. On the eve of greatest battle of their lives, the Legion may tear itself apart before firing even a single shot. The growing Black Legion series includes: Black Legion: Gates of Cilicia Black Legion: Assault on Khorram Black Legion: Warlords of Cunaxa Black Legion: Last Stand Black Legion: Sea of Fire Black Legion: The Eternal Fortress