Forever Begins Tomorrow

Forever Begins Tomorrow

Bruce Coville

Book 3.0 of A.I. Gang

Language: English

Publisher: Open Road Media

Published: Jan 1, 1986

Words: 45591
Pages: 185


Forever Begins Tomorrow by Bruce Coville **Can the gang save the world before it’s too late?** When it comes down to adults versus kids, who’s going to believe the kids—even if they *are* geniuses? That’s the problem the A.I. Gang faces when they find themselves locked in a death-defying final showdown with the mysterious Black Glove. Contending with danger and disgrace, the team fights on with only the help of a mysterious friend to give them an occasional clue. But these six kids just can’t give up. Would you, if you were the only thing standing in the way of a high-tech horror that could spell destruction for the entire planet? This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Bruce Coville including rare images from the author’s collection.