Against the Tide

Against the Tide

Ringo, John

Book 3.0 of The Council Wars

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Feb 15, 2005

Words: 133480
Pages: 577


Product Description In the distant future, the world was a paradise-and then, in a moment, it was ended by the first war in centuries. People who had known godlike power, to whom hunger and pain were completely unknown, desperately scrabbled to survive. As the United Free States, the bastion of freedom and center of opposition to the tyrants of New Destiny, prepared for the long-feared invasion by the Changed legions of Ropasa, Edmund Talbot realized that bureaucratic ineptitude and overconfidence was setting the USF naval forces of ships and dragons up for a disastrous defeat at sea. His fears came true, and the destruction of the fleet seemingly left the UFS open for a full scale invasion. But Talbot had new concepts and strategies ready to put into effect, along with new technical innovations from his brilliant engineer. He survived an assassination attempt and quickly assembled a formidable land force combining cavalry, longbowmen, Roman style legions, and dragons for airborne assault. The fascist forces of New Destiny thought that their war was all but concluded, and world domination within their grasp. Edmund Talbot was ready to show them just how wrong they were. . . . About the Author John Ringo** had visited 23 countries and attended 14 schools by the time he graduated high school. This left him with a wonderful appreciation of the oneness of humanity and a permanent aversion to foreign food. A veteran of the 82nd Airborne, he brings first-hand knowledge of military operations to his fiction. His novels for Baen include the four novels in the *New York Times* best-selling Posleen Invasion series (_A Hymn Before Battle, Gust Front, When the Devil Dances,_ and *Hell's Faire*), the two (so far) novels in his new far-future series (_There Will be Dragons_ and *Emerald Sea*), and three collaborations with *New York Times* best-selling author David Weber (_March Upcountry, March to the Sea_ and *March to the Stars*).