Solar Storms

Solar Storms

Smith, Nicholas Sansbury

Book 0.1 of Orbs

language: English

Publisher: Audible Studios

Publishing date: Jan 1, 2013

Words: 8554
Pages: 32


June 30, 2014*** Solar Storms is a prequel short story to the terrifying sci-fi thriller, Orbs, now offered by Simon and Schuster (Simon451). This story has been remastered and contains** **four chapters of *exclusive* material and one chapter from Orbs. _ In 2055, scientists discover something far worse than rising temperatures and rising seas--they discover massive sunspots that are producing unprecedented solar flares. With little time to prepare for the storms, NASA recruits Drs. Sophie Winston and Emanuel Rodriguez to help monitor the solar weather. At first, the duo believes they have been hired for a routine project. But when arriving at the Johnson Space Center they quickly realize they haven't been told everything about their mission. And as a massive storm races toward Earth, they begin to suspect that it isn't a natural event. Millions of miles away something is feeding the storms... Review 5***** "A great introduction to the BIG adventure!...Stir together the best ingredients from *Jurassic Park*, *Aliens*, and *Starship Troopers*, and you've discovered *Orbs. * -Arthur Bradley, Ph.D., Amazon Vine Voice/NASA Scientist 5***** "Chilling prequel to *Orbs*...Earth changes forever." * -Cherly Stout, Amazon Vine Voice*** From the Author After writing ORBS I had several beta readers ask me about the solar storms mentioned in chapter six. They wanted to know more about what created them and how they destroyed and poisoned much of the planet. Thus the idea for Solar Storms was born. The prequel takes place five years before the events of ORBS. Diving right into the discovery of the solar storms, this short story describes how the coronal mass ejection wreaked havoc on the planet. In addition, it gives the reader a better idea of where these storms really originated. Were they really just a cosmic event or was something sinister behind them? I feel it is also necessary to explain something so customers are fully aware of what they are downloading/buying. As a couple readers point out, there is one chapter in Solar Storms that comes from ORBS. The other four chapters in Solar Storms were written with the intent of filling in some gaps that provide the reader with more knowledge going into ORBS. And while it isn't absolutely necessary to read this prequel before ORBS, Solar Storms is meant to be an introduction to the larger adventure. Thank you for reading. - NSS