The General's President

The General's President

John Dalmas

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Feb 1, 1988

Words: 143128
Pages: 577


The worldwide Crash of 1994 made 1929 look mild, a market adjustment. Meanwhile the Middle East and South Africa are coming apart, and the Soviet Union is hovering in scavenging mode. While in the Land of the Free there is smoke in the streets. And martial law. Then President Kevin J. Donnelly has his own, mental breakdown. And with the vice presidency already vacant, via scandal, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are invited to appoint . . . an emergency president! On the other hand, the job comes with Emergency Powers, passed by Congress. And the chairman, General Thomas M. Cromwell (not Oliver, Thomas) thinks he might have a candidate: Arne Eino Haugen. Arne who? Of Duluth, Minnesota? But Arne Haugen has an ace up his sleeve, that Jumper Cromwell knows nothing of...