The Nano Flower

The Nano Flower

Hamilton, Peter F.

Book 3.0 of Greg Mandel

language: English

Publishing date: May 29, 2012

Words: 182299
Pages: 789


Peter F. Hamilton's groundbreaking Mandel Files series concludes with *The Nano Flower*, a tour de force of unbridled imagination and cutting-edge scientific speculation.** Greg Mandel is a psychic detective whose skills have been augmented by powerful but dangerous biotechnology. Those abilities have won him success and almost killed him many times over. Little wonder that he has settled down to the life of a gentleman farmer. But Greg's former employer, the mighty tech company Event Horizon, needs him once more. After Royan, hacker-genius and husband to company owner Julia Evans, mysteriously vanishes, a business rival suddenly boasts an incredible new technology. Has Royan been kidnapped and forced to work for his captors, or is the truth far stranger? The answer may lie in a gift of flowers received by Julia--flowers with DNA like nothing on Earth. Greg already has his hands full with corporate killers and other unsavory characters. Is he going...