Ancillary Sword

Ancillary Sword

Leckie, Ann

Book 2.0 of Ancillary World

Language: English

Publisher: Orbit

Published: Oct 7, 2014

Words: 111576
Pages: 462


**The sequel to *Ancillary Justice, *the only novel to ever win the Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke Awards, and the second book in Ann Leckie's *New York Times* bestselling series. ** Breq is a soldier who used to be a warship. Once a weapon of conquest controlling thousands of minds, now she has only a single body and serves the emperor. With a new ship and a troublesome crew, Breq is ordered to go to the only place in the galaxy she would agree to go: to Athoek Station to protect the family of a lieutenant she once knew - a lieutenant she murdered in cold blood. **In the Ancillary world: ** 1. *Ancillary Justice* 2. *Ancillary Sword* 3. *Ancillary Mercy* ** ### Review "Leckie does a very good job of setting this complex equation up... This is an altogether promising debut."-- "Kirkus "on" Ancillary Justice " "Leckie's debut gives casual and hardcore sci-fi fans alike a wonderful read."-- "RT Book Reviews "on" Ancillary Justice " "Unexpected, compelling and very cool. Ann Leckie nails it...I've never met a heroine like Breq before. I consider this a very good thing indeed." "John Scalzi on "Ancillary Justice """ "It's not every day a debut novel by an author you'd never heard of before derails your entire afternoon with its brilliance. But when my review copy of "Ancillary Justice" arrived, that's exactly what it did. In fact, it arrowed upward to reach a pretty high position on my list of best space opera novels ever." "Liz Bourke, """" "Establishes Leckie as an heir to Banks and Cherryh." "Elizabeth Bear on "Ancillary Justice """ "A double-threaded narrative proves seductive, drawing the reader into the naive but determined protagonist's efforts to transform an unjust universe. Leckie expansionist galaxy-spinning empire [and] a protagonist on a single-minded quest for justice to transcend space-opera conventions in innovative ways. This impressive debut succeeds in making Breq a protagonist readers will invest in, and establishes Leckie as a talent to watch." ""Publishers Weekly "on" Ancillary Justice""" "The sort of book that the Clarke Award wishes it had last year ... be prepared to see "Ancillary Justice" bandied around a lot come awards season. (As it should be)." "Jared Shurin, "Pornokitsch""" "Leckie proves she's no mere flash in the pan with this follow-up to her multiple-award-winning debut space opera, Ancillary Justice." ""Kirkus" on "Ancillary Sword""" "Breq's struggle for meaningful justice in a society designed to favor the strong is as engaging as ever. Readers new to the author will be enthralled, and those familiar with the first book will find that the faith it inspired has not been misplaced." ""Publishers Weekly "on" Ancillary Sword""" "This follow-up builds on the world and characters that the author introduced in the first book and takes the story in new directions. There is much more to explore in Leckie's universe, one of the most original in SF today." ""Library Journal "(starred review) on "Ancillary Sword""" ### About the Author Ann Leckie has worked as a waitress, a receptionist, a rodman on a land-surveying crew, a lunch lady, and a recording engineer. The author of many published short stories, and former secretary of the Science Fiction Writers of America, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband, children, and cats.