Spire, Matt

Book 1.0 of Realm

Language: English

Publisher: Deadprism

Published: Oct 17, 2015

Words: 65645
Pages: 290


A brilliant scientist and widower attempts to recreate his deceased wife and child, only to disappear into a fog of drug-addled depression at a remote coastal resort.

Survivors of a global disaster struggle to piece together answers and survive in a near-future wasteland of high technology and chaos.

These seemingly disconnected worlds are woven together with conflicting timelines, hazy memories, and one man's desire to hold onto what he loves at any cost.

A thrilling exploration of the dark fringes of a derailed-singularity world: nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence alter the rules of human existence. But human drives and motives remain unchanged at their best--and at their most terrifying.

What beta readers are saying:

"Caligatha is a unique blend of post-apocalyptic mystery and a darkly human tale of love and loss. Traces of William Gibson-esque nightmarish technology infringe on a romantic world."

"Caligatha blends science fiction, literary fiction, horror, mystery and thriller elements into a uniquely compelling tale featuring a strong female protagonist. Dense and multi-layered, but also an easy read, it will appeal to fans of all genres."

"One of the most pleasurably-disorienting books I've read. So many layers and reveals, and I'm still left wanting more."

"Neil Gaiman meets Margaret Atwood meets terrifying's fun exploring their world."

"You reach the middle, and it punches you in the stomach. Then every page after that keeps punching you in the stomach. I couldn't stop reading until the end. I really hope there's a second book planned."