Diamond Rain

Diamond Rain

Michael James Gallagher

Language: English

Published: Feb 2, 2017

Words: 62823
Pages: 236


Readers say, "Diamond Rain reads like an Eric Van Lustbader thriller," and "the technology's electrifying." Will Thomas ever shake off his run of bad luck? From tough beginnings in the Bogside of Derry during the Irish 'Troubles', Thomas and his family slip away to coastal Maine. After more hardship, Thomas forms lasting bonds with Lanky and Billy and he embarks upon a career as a photographer. Just as Thomas takes a job with an international news organization events threaten to overturn the world. On assignment, chance brings him Kefira, only to snatch her away in the blink of an eye. But all is not lost. Before the humanoids kidnap her, Kefira gives him a powerful technology. Equipped with nanotech, Thomas believes he can rescue her and defeat a reincarnated Mao Tse Tung in Central China. Can he master the nanosuit and reverse his fortunes? One thing is certain, he'll do everything in his power to try.