Alien Wars

Alien Wars

Vaughn Heppner

Book 3.0 of Fenris

Language: English

Publisher: 47North

Published: Jan 1, 2015

Words: 85112
Pages: 366


Human pioneers fleeing Earth for the promised land of New Eden found hell instead, falling prey to the reptilian Kresh. But street-savvy Cyrus Gant escaped the aliens, rescued master telepath Klane, and began a desperate journey to head off the impending Kresh invasion of Earth. When the insectile Chirr and human cyborgs join the war, Cyrus suddenly faces a triple threat. Only by absorbing the powerful consciousness of the mortally wounded Klane does he stand a chance against the deadly enemies surrounding him. But when a malevolent alien entity invades his mind, Cyrus must do battle in both outer and inner space to save his soul and his sanity. In the thrilling sequel to *Alien Honor* and *Alien Shores*, Cyrus rolls the dice to win the biggest prize anyone has ever chased: the future of humanity. About the Author Vaughn Heppner grew up with an innate desire for adventure, reveling in his surroundings whether in snowbound Canada or sunny California. Later, he channeled his zest for life into a zeal for writing. He is now a prolific author of thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction. His ongoing series include Fenris, Doom Star, Extinction Wars, Lost Civilizations, and Invasion America, among others. Part of the Fenris series, *Alien Wars* is the sequel to *Alien Honor* and *Alien Shores*.