The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Vaughn Heppner

Book 3.0 of Lost Civilization

Language: English

Published: Apr 16, 2014

Words: 63282
Pages: 237


The final battle for Earth draws near. The giants have gathered otherworldly weapons to defeat the guardian Cherub before the Tree of Life. If they win, they will rule the world as gods. Lord Uriah marches with a hardy band of warriors to stop them. He has little hope for victory, but he prefers to die fighting. Hope rests on young Joash, a prisoner of the giants. They need him to complete a last task. He meanwhile seeks the answer to the riddle of their power. THE TREE OF LIFE tells of the grim confrontation between Nephilim and men at the gate to the Garden of Eden. THE TREE OF LIFE is a fantasy novel by best-selling author Vaughn Heppner.