People of Babel

People of Babel

Vaughn Heppner

Book 3.0 of Ark Chronicles

Language: English

Publisher: Amazon

Published: Jun 10, 2010

Words: 67697
Pages: 269


The old ways have returned. There are quarrels, strife and jealousies, and a splintering of the three families of man. Can the people of Jehovah halt the heresies that strangely afflict the great grandchildren of Noah? Nimrod—leads Babel’s Hunters. He won’t rest until he crushes the Japhethites. Semiramis—the exotic, dark-haired wife of Nimrod uses her body to tempt men to terrible deeds as she seeks to become the power behind Babel. Gilgamesh—his quickness made him a legend, his unique talents made him sought by the Mighty Hunter, but his blindness made him vulnerable to a woman’s betrayal and an enemy’s treachery. Europa—the queen of the Japhethites has cunning to match any Hamite… if she can tame her quarreling sons. Gog—has muscles like bands of steel. His wrestling will change the course of history.