Assassin of the Damned

Assassin of the Damned

Vaughn Heppner

Book 2.0 of Dark Gods

Language: English

Published: Nov 7, 2011

Words: 81724
Pages: 304


What if witchcraft caused the Black Death? Italy, 1348: Gian Baglioni wakes up dead. Grass grows through the links in his armor, anchoring him to the cold ground. A glowing coin sits on his tongue. He has become the Darkling, the assassin of the Moon Lady. Gian’s Italy has turned into a grim world. Millions die in the Black Death and sorcerers sprout like mushrooms on rotting ground. Their magic comes from Old Father Night, who ruled the Earth before the dawn of history. But the chief sorcerer made a fatal mistake—he took Gian Baglioni’s wife! Now the Darkling stalks the night, and his retribution will be terrible. ASSASSIN OF THE DAMNED is an Alternate Europe fantasy by best-selling author Vaughn Heppner.