I, Warrior

I, Warrior

Vaughn Heppner

Language: English

Published: Apr 23, 2014

Words: 68120
Pages: 259


He was too good of an experiment, too good at hunting down cold-blooded killers and exterminating them. So they stole his family, his memories and life, turning him into a government assassin. They switched him on and off like a machine, forgetting he had a heart. But Bannon hadn’t forgotten everything. He had dreams…he ached…and he was the deadliest hunter on the planet. He waited for the one clue to set him on the right track, and they gave it to him because they made a mistake. Now, Bannon is hunting the monsters that made him a remorseless killer. And the government elite, the ones who thought they could make all the rules so others danced to their tune, are terrified of the weapon they helped create.