Natural Selection

Natural Selection

David Coy

Book 1.0 of Dominant Species

Publisher: David Coy

Published: Jun 30, 2012

Words: 129732
Pages: 545


Spanning a millennium, the *Dominant Species Series* is a panoramic story of human and alien species locked in mortal conflict. Against this backdrop of deadly biological rivalry, humankind will fight an inner battle whose outcome is as final--and as brutal--as natural selection itself. Volume One - Natural Selection** It started as a peaceful visit to his weekend getaway in the Sierra foothills. Hours later teacher Phil Lynch finds himself living a nightmare. Paralyzed and taken prisoner, his body is used as an unwilling host in a bizarre and gruesome series of parasitic infections. As the terrible truth about the alien visitation unfolds, a small group of captives must first understand - then fight for escape from the terror that holds them prisoner. Their struggle will stretch razor-thin the human will to survive. * Imagine an alien science where tissue, bone, nerves, and muscle are used like we use iron, wood, rubber and wire. Now imagine yourself held captive with hundreds of others by beings who wield this grisly technology as easily as we do hammer and saw; beings whose lineage can be traced through the morally hollow, parasitic branches of nature's evolutionary tree. What would you do to survive? Would you re-draw the boundaries of your own morality to stay alive? What would you compromise? How might you escape? This is the context of *Natural Selection*, the first of three volumes of the *Dominant Species Series* of books. Review Readers will never completely get over *Natural Selection*. David Coy makes us rethink the real possibility of a war of inter-galactic species, and the possibility of anything in the starry night sky. I am most impressed by the author's knowledge of the intricacies of language, much of which is insightful and imagistic. The language alone, which often flows like deep black water, sets *Natural Selection* apart from other books in the horror genre.  ---* B**onnie Roberts* *1998 Al Book of the Year Award Winner* After reading *Natural Selection* I promise you'll be scanning the night skies, praying that they aren't coming for you, and there is one thing I can guarantee you -- and that is if I find myself about to be abducted by David Coy's version of visitors from space, they will never take me alive.  --- *James R. Clifford, Award-winning Author * *The Dominant Species Series *is at once shocking, horrifying, and completely engrossing. Coy has created an exquisite nightmare; the images remain long after the story is finished.  *--- Gillian Pemberton, Tattooed Book Review* To find not only a book but a series of books that not only leaps off the page but also affects my dreams, and has me telling every bookworm I know about it is rare. David Coy has created a fantastic universe and a story you just cannot put down.  *--- Cassandra H., Senior Reviewer, You Gotta Read Reviews** Natural Selection, *the first volume in the "Dominant Species" series penned by David Coy, was a surprisingly fast, entertaining, and well-crafted read. Surprising only because I rarely give science fiction the chance to wow me - but wow me this book did. --- *Agnes Mack's Reviews* From the Author There is strong language in the story because humans under stress often use such language. There is no puppy love or adolescent motifs of intimacy in the story. Instead there are very many mature, psycho sexual themes that run through all three books. Some are represented symbolically, others described explicitly. There is violence. The story is not PG-13. I heard somewhere that when you set out to write a story that you should write the one you would most like to read yourself. After a lifelong diet of scary science fiction *everything*, and endless discussions about what could be with *anyone*, I think I have done just that. What I didn't plan on was that there would be so much story I'd love to read, to write.