Galactic Odyssey

Galactic Odyssey

Laumer, Keith

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Books

Published: Jan 1, 1967

Words: 54211
Pages: 228


It was strange enough to begin with -- I, Billy Danger, stranded on a planet with the beautiful Lady Raire. After the massacre that took two of our party, we alone were left, waiting to be rescued. Hope filled my breast when a spaceship landed, but the batlike dwarfs that emerged, viciously beat me up, grabbed the Lady Raire...and when I came to, they were gone with her. She was my charge -- I was responsible for her safety, and I meant to find her, even if I had to travel to each and every planet in the galaxy. I was a bluff young lad in those days -- and might have chosen differently, if I had known what grisly adventures were in store for me in the century's most hair-raising GALACTIC ODYSSEY.