Mad Professor

Mad Professor

Rucker, Rudy

Language: English

Publisher: Running Press

Words: 86304
Pages: 331


At the untamed frontiers of intelligence, consciousness, matter, and reality lies Rudy Rucker's *The Mad Professor,* a collection of twelve mind-bending science fiction stories that probe the outer limits of possibility. Rucker, an accomplished computer scientist and mathematician with numerous science books and novels to his credit, brings his deep and varied knowledge of the mind, mathematics, and the ever-weird and wondrous workings of the physical universe to the stories collected here. In *Chu and the Nants* we read of a bizarre future following a Verge Singularity, in which hyperintelligent computers have taken over the solar system. *Panpsychism Proved* breaks down the boundaries between mind and matter, exploring the notion that "every object has a mind." And *Six Thought Experiments Concerning the Nature of Computation* is an exhilarating collection of mini-stories taking us to the outrageous extremes of theoretical speculation. In *The Mad...