The Secret of Life

The Secret of Life

Rucker, Rudy

Language: English

Publisher: Bluejay Books

Published: Mar 15, 1985

Words: 56676
Pages: 228


As evidenced by *THE SECRET OF LIFE*, mathematician, professor, and cyberpunk Rudy Rucker had just as embarrassing a time growing up as any of us. Rucker's alter ego, Conrad Bunger, is one of those reckless guys you knew just wasn't going to reach legal drinking age. However, thanks to the supernatural powers he manifests in times of crisis, not even the most ghastly mishaps interrupt his quest for booze, girls, and enlightenment. From a Catholic high school to college, he gradually awakens to his secret identity as an energy being from outer space. His solemn commission: to proceed incognito and return with the ultimate prize -- knowledge of the Secret of Life. Problem is, Conrad's having too darn much fun to keep it together. Brisk, hilarious, intelligent, and irreverent, *THE SECRET OF LIFE* demonstrates that in being alien, we are definitely not alone