Vietnam and Other Alien Worlds

Vietnam and Other Alien Worlds

Joe Haldeman

Language: English

Publisher: Open Road Media

Words: 71790
Pages: 267


An engaging tour through the work and life of one of America's great science fiction writers ** Nebula and Hugo Award–winning author Joe Haldeman burst onto the literary scene with the hugely popular novel *The Forever War*, but his career also took off on the strength of his short fiction. This brilliant collection brings together examples of his science fiction as well as his writing on Vietnam—and reveals the inexorable connections between the two. The works included in *Vietnam and Other Alien Worlds *are united by its title essay, in which Haldeman explains how his past informs his envisioned futures. One of these futures is a grouping of four stories from the Confederación universe, which includes his novels *All My Sins Remembered *and *There Is No Darkness*. An anthropological expedition goes awry as a research team's subjects become murderous, and trade negotiations fall apart, comically lost in...