Return to Rocheworld

Return to Rocheworld

Robert L. Forward

Book 2.0 of Rocheworld

Language: English


Published: Dec 15, 2000

Words: 100541
Pages: 407


Product Description Return to Rocheworld* is the first of four sequels to the science fiction novel *Rocheworld* by Robert L. Forward (Baen Books, New York, 1990). The other sequels that follow this one are: *Ocean Under the Ice*, *Marooned on Eden*, and *Rescued from Paradise*. In *Return to Rocheworld*, the humans from Earth and their multiton jelly-blob alien friends, the “flouwen” from the ocean-covered lobe of the double-planet Rocheworld, fly to the desert-dry lobe of Rocheworld where they discover ancient ancestors of the flouwen, adapted to the harsh life on the dry lobe. About the Author Dr. Robert L. Forward is a space scientist and businessman, lecturer, futurist and science fact and hard science fiction writer with eleven published books and over one hundred shorter pieces.Julie Forward Fuller, his daughter, has written two published science fiction novels and a fantasy novel.