Far Thoughts and Pale Gods

Far Thoughts and Pale Gods

Greg Bear

Book 2.0 of The Complete Short Fiction of Greg Bear

Language: English

Publisher: Open Road Media

Published: Jan 1, 2016

Words: 96670
Pages: 354


**6 dazzling stories, freshly revised for this volume, plus new introductions, commentary, and reminiscences from the Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author of *War Dogs*,* Eternity*, and *The Forge of God *** Greg Bear is the author of more than 30 books, from thrillers (*Darwin’s Radio*,* Vitals*) to science fiction (*Blood Music*,* Eon*,* Hull Zero Three*) to pure fantasy (*The Infinity Concerto*,* The Serpent Mage*). He has won 5 Nebula and 2 Hugo Awards, his works have been translated into more than 20 languages, and his titles have sold millions of copies worldwide. But his skills are not confined to writing at full-length novels: He is also the author of dozens of brilliant short stories, novellas, and novelettes. *Far Thoughts and Pale Gods* contains 6 highly acclaimed stories, each newly revised by the author, that illustrate Bear’s abundant breadth of talent. The volume includes: ·      “Heads,” which marks the first time the concept of quantum computing appears in science fiction—though it is a vision of 400 frozen heads that will remain in the reader’s memory; ·      “The Wind from a Burning Woman,” the first story set in the universe that spawned the novels *Eon *and *Eternity*; ·      “Plague of Conscience,” which explores what it means to be alien—and whether that can be comprehended without understanding what it means to be human; ·      “Scattershot,” beginning “The teddy bear spoke excellent Mandarin,” a gripping deep-space adventure that is also a tribute to legendary female science fiction writer James Tiptree Jr. These and the remaining entries—“Mandala” and “Petra”—form a remarkable collection showcasing the talents of a major American writer. Each story is accompanied by an introduction and an afterword written especially for this volume. ** ### Review **Praise for Greg Bear** “Bear takes a profound and unusual approach to hard SF.” —*Los Angeles Times * “Bear is one of our very best.” —*New York Daily News* ### About the Author Greg Bear is the author of over twenty-five books, which have been translated into seventeen languages. He has won science fiction’s highest honors and is considered the natural heir to Arthur C. Clarke. The recipient of two Hugo Awards and four Nebula Awards, Bear has been called “the best working writer of hard science fiction” by the* Science Fiction Encyclopedia*. Many of his novels, such as *Darwin’s Radio*, are considered to be classics of his generation. Bear is married to Astrid Anderson—who is the daughter of science fiction great Poul Anderson—and they are the parents of two children, Erik and Alexandria. Bear’s recent publications include the thriller *Quantico* and its sequel, *Mariposa*; the epic science fiction novel *City at the End of Time*; and the generation starship novel *Hull Zero Three*.