Beyond the Farthest Suns

Beyond the Farthest Suns

Greg Bear

Book 3.0 of The Complete Short Fiction of Greg Bea

Language: English

Publisher: Open Road Media

Published: Apr 26, 2016

Words: 94940
Pages: 350


**7 remarkable stories, newly revised for this collection, showcase the award-winning talents of one of the 21st century’s finest writers of speculative fiction** Whether penning science fiction (*Moving Mars*,* Queen of Angels*,* War Dogs*), alternate history (the Mongoliad series with Neal Stephenson), or fantasy (*Sleepside*,* The Infinity Concerto*), Greg Bear tells stories that engage the reader’s intellect while gripping the imagination. His short fiction is no exception. *Beyond the Farthest Suns *takes readers to the far end of the universe and the borders of scientific understanding. The volume includes: ·      “The Way of All Ghosts,” set in the bestselling universe of *Eon *and *Eternity*; ·      “The Venging,” which takes a group of desperate fugitives fleeing alien dominance down into the awesome gateway of a black hole; ·      “The Fall of the House of Escher,” in which a world-famous illusionist is brought back from the dead for a terrifying command performance; ·      “Hardfought,” the critically acclaimed Nebula Award–winning story showcasing a far future in which a legendary female pilot and her alien captor are forced into a tapestry of echoing lives where they struggle to communicate and find the deepest secrets of their history. These works, along with 3 additional entries, stunningly illustrate how Bear interweaves the rationality of science with remarkable characters whose thoughts and emotions reflect our own.