Dark Horizon

Dark Horizon

Jeter, K. W.

Book 2.0 of Alien Nation

Language: English

Publisher: Pocket Books

Words: 103719
Pages: 435


On July 31, 1991, the final episode of **ALIEN NATION**, “Green Eyes” aired, ending the series with a blockbuster finale and an exciting cliffhanger. In “Green Eyes” the Newcomers were faced with a deadly new bacteria created by a ruthless group of humans called Purists, who were determined to rid the Earth of the alien Tenctonese. As the story closed, all of the** ALIEN NATION** characters were in crisis, and the Francisco family was infected with the bacteria, facing certain death. This story was never resolved . . . until now. DARK HORIZON** was a two-hour **ALIEN NATION** script commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox. The story would have resolved the cliffhanger and kicked off **ALIEN NATION’S** second season. With the final cancellation of the series, the script was put away and fans were left with their questions unanswered. Pocket Books is now proud to present a novelization by critically acclaimed science fiction author K.W. Jeter, of the entire action-packed story that began with “Green Eyes” and ended with “Dark Horizon.” As the story opens, George Francisco and Matthew Sikes stand watch over George’s family, while the Earth faces a new threat. A ruthless Overseer has come from space to recover the Tenctonese slaves, and he will stop at nothing to see that the Newcomers—as well as the entire human race—are enslaved forever . . .