Allan's Wife

Allan's Wife

Haggard, H. Rider

Book 2.0 of Allan Quatermain - chronological order

Language: English

Published: Aug 14, 2006

Words: 51182
Pages: 187


Another Classic converted by, full text included.

It may be remembered that in the last pages of his diary, written just before his death, Allan Quatermain makes allusion to his long dead wife, stating that he has written of her fully elsewhere. When his death was known, his papers were handed to myself as his literary executor. Among them I found two manuscripts, of which the following is one. The other is simply a record of events wherein Mr. Quatermain was not personally concerned - a Zulu novel, the story of which was told to him by the hero many years after the tragedy had occurred. But with this we have nothing to do at present.