The Exploding Suns: The Secrets of the Supernovas

The Exploding Suns: The Secrets of the Supernovas

Isaac Asimov

Book 1.0 of The Exploding Suns

language: English

Publisher: Dutton

Publishing date: Jan 1, 1977

Words: 76873
Pages: 285


When the universe was born some 15 billion years ago, the "big bang" produced vast clouds of hydrogen and helium. Where did everything else come from? Supernovas, the huge unstable suns whose immense convulsions and titanic explosions are the largest and most shattering events in the universe. Untold trillions of these giant crucibles in space, erupting down the long reaches of time, are now known to have forged all the heavier elements that in turn formed the metals, the rocks, and--at least once--life itself. Did earlier civilizations watch in wonder at the flash of distant supernovas? What about the 1987 "next-door" supernova? Have supernovas ever threatened life on Earth? Will they in years to come? Offering a compelling view of supernovas and the new understanding about the evolution of the universe, Isaac Asimov's *The Exploding Suns* is one of the most breathtaking science books ever to address these and many other questions.