Get Off the Unicorn

Get Off the Unicorn

Anne McCaffrey

Book 6.0 of Tower & Hive Sequence

Language: English

Publisher: Transworld Digital

Published: Apr 9, 2002

Words: 98787
Pages: 371


From the lady who taught dragons to fly and rockets to sing... The Smallest Dragon Boy. The only thing Keevan wanted in his life was to be a dragonrider just like his father. Surely nothing could be as thrilling as soaring through the air between the powerful wings of a dragon...But Keevan was small and there were always more boys than there were dragons -- someone must be disappointed. Keevan wasn't exactly the foremost candidate but dragons have their own standards, especially the bronzes, the most jighly-prized dragons of all... This and thirteen other superb stories are collected for the first time here, in Get Off the Unicorn. ** ### Review "Anne McCaffrey, one of the queens of science fiction, knows exactly how to give her public what it wants" * The Times * ### From the Inside Flap Open these pages and discover 14 remarkable stories of fantasy by a grand master of the genre. A wonderful writer, as well as successful and beloved by fans across the world, Anne McCaffrey has created an exciting collection of telepaths, secret gifts, dangerous missions, dragonriders, and more.