Black Hole

Black Hole

McElhaney, Scott

Book 2.0 of Colonization

Language: English

Published: Sep 11, 2015

Words: 115221
Pages: 464


Zane and Sarai had woken the rest of the ship’s crew and they were now ready to see where their long interstellar journey had taken them… The tropical world known as Kepler Moon Alpha had beckoned mankind to come visit. It called for us to travel nearly twelve light years to explore its lush jungles and to relax on its white sandy beaches. Thousands of images sent from the robotic landers and the unmanned orbital probes fully prepared us for what awaited us in the Tau Ceti system. Thirty-two years later, the first colonization craft arrived and the crew quickly discovered that something had drastically changed. Kepler Moon Alpha was nothing like they expected and they hadn’t come prepared for such a place. The crew of the CP-4 had a decision to make, but the decision was pretty much already made for them. They didn’t have the fuel nor the supplies to return to Earth. They were going to have to somehow make this work. **Colonization Saga:** Kepler Moon Alpha (book 1) Black Hole (book 2) The Gateway (book 3) Valhalla (book 4) Fossil (book 5) Warrior of the Myst (book 6) Warrior of the Myst II (book 7) **Editorial Reviews:*** "McElhaney's story telling is deft, well-paced, and with an ear for conversation" ~* Beacon Journal Book Review * "The author does a good job of sucking you into the moment and feeling as if you are the main character. The technology and scenarios are realistic enough for this sci fi fan and if you like a good storyteller Mr. McElhaney knows how to do it."* ~Top 50 Amazon Reviewer and Vine Voice Michael Gallagher **Over 250,000 copies of McElhaney's book have been downloaded worldwide!**