The UFO Conspiracy Trilogy

The UFO Conspiracy Trilogy

David Bischoff

language: English

Publishing date: Nov 1, 2014

Words: 350931
Pages: 1432


For the first time ever, David Bischoff's definitive ***UFO Conspiracy Trilogy*** has been collected in a digital omnibus! UFOs are real. You may not know it but the government does. And they'll stop at nothing to keep you in the dark ... **Abduction: Blue Book—**And it's a lot closer to Earth than you know. Proffesional skeptic, advisor to Project Blue Book, superstar of the lecture and TV talk-show circuit, Dr. Everett Scarborough has devoted his life to demoloshing the «myth» of the UFOs. But now somebody has changed his original reports. Somebody has murdered his former partner. Somebody is about to stage a celestial kidnapping of his daughter. That somebodymay be alien-or all too terrifyingly human. And Scarborough has nowhere on earth to hide. The Sky Snatchers ... After a time, he turned, a look of pure defiance and determination etched on features suddenly very old. “You bastards,” Dr. Scarborough cried, shaking a fist at the sky, toward the darkness that hid the foul snakes who had stolen his only daughter away from him. “I’ll get her back. And you’re going to pay! Do you hear me! You’re going to pay!” Jake Camden lit a cigarette, took a drag, got Dr. Everett Scarborough back in the car, and drove back towards Las Vegas. “Something tells me,” he said softly as Scarborough stared out mordantly at the desert, “we’re not in Kansas anymore …” **Deception: White Book**—Keep running. Trust no one. The enemy is everywhere … The sightings. The encounters. The abductions. The mind control. We suspect the stories are true: that UFOs are among us. What we don't know is who sends them. Earthly humans like ourselves? Alien beings from another world? Or, incredibly, can they be both? Dr. Everett Scarborough-celebrity,scientist,fugitive_has come closer to the shocking truth than anybody alive. Or dead. And that's much too close for any man's own good. Blood gurgled from between her lips ... The woman was still feebly moving in the spray of glass and drugs and blood strewn across the floor of the lab. Her hands were clawing at her face. “The Others,” Scarborough said between her moans, kneeling by her. “Who are the Others?” She opened her eyes and there was nothing but fear and horror in them. “Get away! Get away from me!” she gasped. “The Others, woman Who are they? Where are they? Where is my daughter! Who are the Others?” “You are, Scarborough,” she said in less than a voice, more of a croak. “You are…” **Revelation: Black Book—**Alien or human—the incredible truth is revealed ... The hour has come. The warring conspiracies, both in and out of the shadowy corners of the U.S. government, are about to come together in the deathly vastness of the American desert. Dr. Everett Scarborough is about to learn the mind-wrenching truth about his terrestrial – or extraterrestrial origins. And at long last, everyone on Earth is about to discover the real aliens in theird midst… Fateful Encounter ... “In your year 1953 contact was made. A meeting was arranged between representatives-including myself--and  President Eisenhower—to be  held at a secret government installation in Colorado. What we did not know was that this meeting was a sham, a setup, a trap. A trap set up by an organization known to you now as the Publishers … and to themselves as various other names, including the Colleagues.” “The conspiracy …” whispered Marsha in hushed tones. “A further ranging, secret conspiracy than we had ever contemplated,” said James. “What happened then?” said Scarborough, studying the man’s unsettling face—noting that some kind of emotion shone in his eyes. “What happened then,” said James, “changed the course of out mission here ... and the course of Earth’s history.” And he told them … **Review Quote: **“The UFO CONSPIRACY trilogy novels are the definitive UFO novels.” – Nick Redfern, MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE