In the Courts of the Sun

In the Courts of the Sun

Brian D'Amato

language: English

Publisher: Dutton Adult

Publishing date: Mar 1, 2009

Words: 266626
Pages: 1174


“A stunningly inventive novel that . . . weaves together Mayan history, modern science, game theory and the coming Mayan apocalypse. BEWARE DECEMBER 21, 2012!”—Douglas Preston, author of *The Monster of Florence* It was predicted. We were warned. December 21, 2012. The day time stops. The year is 2012. Jed DeLanda, a descendant of the Maya, is a math prodigy raking in profits from online trading. But Jed’s life is thrown into chaos when his former mentor, Taro, and a mysterious female game designer enlist Jed’s help in deciphering an ancient Mayan codex containing the secrets of the Sacrifice Game. It foretells of the end of civilization, and only Jed can prevent the coming apocalypse. He must play the Game himself—in a mind-bending journey that stretches from thousands of years into the past to the very brink of the end of time. “Remarkable . . . prodigious in its scope, its originality, its ambition, its intelligence, and the mastery of its research. In a word: awesome.”—Raymond Khoury, author of *The Last Templar*