Engaging the Enemy

Engaging the Enemy


Book 3.0 of Vatta's War

language: English

Publisher: Del Rey

Publishing date: Jan 1, 2006

Words: 127145
Pages: 502


**" Marvelously compelling . . . consummate military-adventure science fiction."--SciFi **In the aftermath of the cold-blooded assassinations that killed her parents and shattered the Vatta interstellar shipping empire, Kylara Vatta sets out to avenge the killings and salvage the family business. Ky soon discovers a conspiracy of terrifying scope, breathtaking audacity, and utter ruthlessness. The only hope against such powerful evil is for all the space merchants to band together. Unfortunately, because she commands a ship that once belonged to a notorious pirate, Ky is met with suspicion, if not outright hostility . . . even from her own cousin. Before she can take the fight to the enemy, Kylara must survive a deadly minefield of deception and betrayal. **Praise for** * **Engaging the Enemy** * "A fast-paced space adventure, with a heroine that will captivate readers." * *\--* Omaha World-Herald ***"Excels in character development as well as in its fast-paced action sequences and intricate plotting."* *\--* Library Journal*** "You'll have fun with this one, for Moon keeps things moving." **\-- *Analog** ** * ### From Publishers Weekly Nebula Award-winner Moon's third Kylara Vatta novel is sadly more reminiscent of the uninspiring *Trading in Danger* (2003) than the inspired *Marque and Reprisal* (2004). Ky has more or less patched up her relationship with her cousin Stella--a good thing, since they're all that remains of the Vatta shipping empire--and finished off the most immediate danger, the renegade Osman Vatta. Ky now faces the much more nebulous threat of an interstellar piracy gang. As she travels from station to station seeking fellow pirate fighters, annoying local officials and repeatedly leaving Stella in the lurch, it's hard to stay interested. It doesn't help that the one genuinely stunning twist-of-fate climax is followed by six plodding chapters on an entirely different topic. Moon's strength is clearly in flash-bang-gee-whiz battles and skulking intrigue, both planetside and in space. It's too bad she so frequently drowns them in mundane details that provide realism at the expense of entertainment. *(Mar.)* Copyright (C) Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. ### From School Library Journal Adult/High School-Just a year after being expelled from space academy, Kylara Vatta, the daughter of an interstellar shipping tycoon, is well on her way to making her fortune and is the veteran of two successful campaigns of space warfare. In *Trading in Danger* (2003) and *Marque and Reprisal* (2004, both Del Rey), she proved her mettle as a trader and won a ship of her own, only to lose most of her clan when unknown enemies attacked the Vatta corporation's headquarters. Now, Ky lays the groundwork for an interstellar military force as a first step toward destroying a large army of pirates, reestablishing safe trading and cargo transport for the law-abiding citizens of her galaxy, and ultimately rebuilding the Vatta empire. She continues to mature as she struggles with inner demons and learns to make the most of her emerging gifts for strategy and leadership. This volume has a transitional feel, telling how the new space navy gets off to a small and rocky start, but leaving the rest of Ky's quest to future books. While the battle strategies and dogfights are thrilling, the series is also a family dynasty saga, complete with eccentric but brilliant cousins and elders and quirky humor. It should appeal to fans of Anne McCaffrey's Rowan family SF saga (Ace) as well as to those of David Weber's Honor Harrington military SF series (Baen). Moon has created a richly imagined universe of different cultures, replete with intriguing characters and the sense of unlimited possibility that characterizes the most appealing science fiction. *\- Christine C. Menefee, formerly at Fairfax County Public Library, VA* Copyright (C) Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.