Don't Close Your Eyes!

Don't Close Your Eyes!

Stine, R. L.

Book 8.0 of Mostly Ghostly

Language: English

Published: Jan 10, 2006

Words: 19931
Pages: 87


In a terrifying episode, Inkweed, the evil “Ghost of the Black Sleep,” has inhabited Max. The ghost has come to put Nicky and Tara to sleep forever! Inkweed is waiting, hoping for the moment when Max falls asleep— that’s when he can bring his crushing, evil powers to life. Nicky and Tara work frantically to keep Max awake. But they’re running out of ideas and after a few days of no sleep, Max is desperate. He’s going crazy! But if he closes his eyes, it will mean the end of them all! Can Nicky and Tara keep Max awake long enough to banish Inkweed? Don’t close your eyes, Max! *From the Hardcover edition.*