Alien Cradle

Alien Cradle

Inlo, Jeff

Language: English

Publisher: Jeff Inlo

Published: Apr 19, 2012

Words: 86141
Pages: 369


Rath Scampion, outer rim scout, explores the barren landscapes of Fenrir just before a Regency Scientific Council plants the seed of a genetically created "alien." Captured trying to steal precious gems from the planet, Rath finds himself entangled in a massive deception. Geneticists create the Fenrites in cloning labs, infusing knowledge of basic agriculture through brain wave technology. As the alien colony takes hold on the once barren planet, researchers discover the Fenrites advancing at an alarming pace, passing quickly through complex stages of industrial and technological growth. The experiment spirals out of control and Rath must flee Regency controlled space, ending up in the midst of marauders and outcasts. He is caught with no safe haven as the Fenrite disaster spurs on political and military chaos throughout the Regency colonized worlds.From the Author: Alien Cradle is one of my first novels. It is more plot focused than character driven, so it is very different from my other works, such as the Delver Magic series. I am including it for the sake of completeness. I wanted to make all of my work available for anyone interested in my earliest books. If you decide to give Alien Cradle a try, I hope you will also consider some of my other novels. Thank you, Jeff Inlo