Total War

Total War

David Drake & Bill Fawcett

Book 5.0 of Fleet

Language: English

Published: Mar 25, 2013

Words: 89548
Pages: 368


The Fleet! - Pledged to Protect Us All!

At last, after a bloody and
ferocious war, their hated and feared Khalian enemies have surrendered. But the brave men and women of the Fleet cannot enjoy their hard-won victory, for now they face the secret power behind the Khalian invasion: The ruthless Syndicate of Families.

The Syndicate controls thousands of alien races and worlds, and possesses advanced technology far beyond anything the Fleet has faced before. Worst of all, the Syndicate is ruled by humans. How can the Fleet, already exhausted from one grueling war, hope to win this even greater conflict - and fight against a stealthy and deadly human foe capable of infiltrating the ranks of the Fleet itself?

Inside The Fleet Book 5: Total War ...


Christopher Stasheff - “Pirates”
The truce is broken by Khalian space raiders - who will die before they surrender!

Anne McCaffrey - “Mandalay”
With one war over and another beginning, a little R&R is impossible - or is it?

David Drake - “Smash and Grab”
Teleportation is the ultimate sneak attack - but there are still a few bugs in the system!

Janet Morris - “Birthday Present”
It’s hard to fight a war when you can’t trust your own technology - or your tech officer!

... and many other stories of the Fleet!

Praise for the Fleet:
“Should have strong appeal for military SF fans ... the great strength of the volume is in the quality work of the contributors.” - Booklist