Dream Park #02 - the Barsoom Project

Dream Park #02 - the Barsoom Project

Larry Niven

Book 2.0 of Dream Park

Language: English

Publisher: MacMillan

Published: Nov 23, 2010

Words: 119340
Pages: 530


From It is seven years later in the history of Dream Park, a theme park for role-playing games in an environment created by high-tech holograms. The current game is based on Inuit mythology, but the park is also hosting the Barsoom Project, testing the concept of a space elevator on Mars. Enter on one side a young woman who has been in a mental hospital after shooting a non-holographic opponent in her last game. Enter on the other side Muslim terrorists out to overturn the project. The result is fast-paced action, a rather large but well-drawn cast, even better-handled high tech, and a great deal of humor, some of it dark, some of it zany. Certain to be enjoyed by fans of the original Dream Park (1981), this sequel, first published in 1989, may demand and will certainly repay more than one reading. --Roland Green Review Praise for Larry Niven "Niven is a galaxy-class storyteller." --_Time Magaine __ _"Great storytelling is still alive in science fiction because of Larry Niven.” --Orson Scott Card "One of our finest . . . Jams ideas for several novels into each one he creates." --_The Seattle Times _"The premier hard SF writer of the day." --_Baltimore__ Sun _