Larry Niven

Book 1.0 of Known Space

Language: English

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Published: Jun 1, 1995

Words: 114204
Pages: 440


LARRY NIVEN Hugo and Nebula Award-winning creator of Known Space, home to Gil Hamilton, Beowulf Shaeffer...and the classic Ringworld! Gil "The Arm" Hamilton was one of the top operatives of ARM, the elite UN police force. His intuition was unfailingly accurate; his detective skills were second to none; and his psychic powers -- esper sense and telekinesis -- were awesome. Tough and deadly, Gil Hamilton could reach right into a person's brain for the truth... or for the kill! Read all the stories of the legendary ARM operative, collected here in one volume for the very first time: - Organleggers aren't stopping at robbing body parts from the corpses of the frozen dead. Now they're stealing from the living...and Gil is a prime target! - The most beautiful woman on Luna has been falsely accused of murder. Unless Gil can prove her innocence, she's doomed to end up as a sack of spare parts in the organ banks... - And more...Plus an all-new, never-before published Gil Hamilton adventure!